Business Coach Pre-made Logo // Naima


The Business Coach Pre-made Logo // Naima by Ohla Creative is a cost-effective and simple option for those starting their business and looking for an initial brand touchpoint.

This off-the-shelf Business Coach Pre-made Logo is versatile by design. It’s suitable for a wide range of professionals, from business coaches and mentors to educators. With customisable design features, it offers a balance between a consistent base design and individual adaptability.

This means businesses can tweak the logo to match their branding vision, ensuring it fits their identity while still maintaining a core, neutral look.

What’s Included

  • Primary Main Logo
  • Stacked Logo
  • Submark & Alt Submark
  • Watermarks (black and white versions)
  • Brand Board

    Please provide HEX colour codes with 6 characters. eg: #000000 #ffffff.  Use commas to separate each one. If you want to use the colours from the original logo leave the field blank. You can also choose from our colour chart. Max 5 colours.

    Fully scalable vector .ai file. Including all 3 key elements

  • You will receive your logo package within 1-2 business days in .png and .svg formats.
  • Each supplied file maintains a high-resolution of 300dpi. All logos are designed as Vector files using Adobe Illustrator.
  • This listing does not come with any physical materials.
  • Fonts are sourced from third parties and are not part of this package.
  • Be aware that the logo might be sold multiple times.
  • The package includes one round of text/copy and colour adjustments. However, design or font modifications are not covered in this revision.

Matching items for this design are also available upon request.

  • Printable Business Cards
  • Digital Business Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Social Media Elements & Highlights (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram)
  • Etsy Shop Kits
  • Email Signatures
  • Website Design

If you would like any further elements to match please get in touch using the contact form.


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