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About Me

female web & graphic designer based in Valencia, Spain

Why should you hire me?

I am very passionate about what I do. With combined over 15 years experience in web and graphic design there’s nothing more I find rewarding than helping businesses big or small stand out from the crowd by creating beautiful designs. I specialise in affordable website and branding design packages for startups, small business and women entrepreneurs.

I have your business interest at the forefront and will not charge you massive amounts for the things you don’t need. I am also pretty nifty with online marketing and will not only create you an awesome website but also give you a helping hand and sound advice.

As well as being the owner of Ohla Creative, I am also the creative director of Tucanoo Solutions Ltd. A UK based software development company specialising front and back-end software application development and mobile applications.

My love for technology and art combined

Since young childhood, I have been interested in both design and computers and by the age of 10, I had already made my first wage, drawing poster art for a local business.

At this point I knew that I didn’t just enjoy design, I LOVE DESIGN! I wanted to make my living from it. At the age of 16 I was hired as a part-time Junior Graphic Designer and from then on I knew this is what I want to do and I have kept that youthful love of design to this day.

By the time I graduated I had received an A level in Fine Art. From there, I went on to gain my qualifications in Visual Communications Design. It was quite a revelation to start combining my love of art with my burgeoning interest in computers.

I’m fair and honest I believe transparency, excellence and fairness.

I believe in making the online world a better place for small businesses and startups with great designs that does not cost the earth. I won’t promise you that your income will increase by 100% after you work with me, but I promise to create your website the best way I know how to gain you more leads and retain potential your clients on your website.

Do you work with clients from another country?

Of course! I am currently based in Valencia, Spain, but thanks to the wonders of technology my job has enabled me to work and developed many websites and create designs for clients all over the UK, US, Middle East and Europe.

Do you only work with women?

No of course not. But 99% of my clients are women and they choose me! I believe that working with women in business is beneficial for both as we ‘get’ each other’s ideas and I find that most of the women I have worked with feel a lot comfortable in presenting their ideas to me. I am also a firm supporter of women business startups as I have had the same challenges ‘making’ it in a mostly male dominated world of web design.

You Might Need My Services If…

  • You’re looking to create an online presence that looks professional.
  • You want to look modern and cool to your clients and visitors without having to re-mortgage your house.
  • You want a consistent brand that doesn’t only look good online but also profitable in ‘real life’.
  • If you’re tired of researching trustworthy and affordable designers.
  • You’re thinking of going towards the DIY route to save money but simply do not have the time.
  • You want to have the freedom to customise your site’s design and structure.

I also...

  • Understand that not all of us are tech savvy so I won’t confuse you with jargon and promise to explain everything in a way you will understand.
  • Know that sometimes you’re not sure of what you want. So I am here to give you guidance to find the best options for your budget.
  • Make sure that my prices are transparent so you do not have to worry about any surprise charges.
  • Promise to create you a website that you’re 100% happy with.
  • Maintain a good relationship with you and answer any questions that you might have before and after the project has finished.
  • Aim to guide and teach you how to learn the skills and techniques involved in growing a legit, competent brand online

Need Help Deciding What Is The Best Package For You?

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